Earthlink provides 24/7 tech support. If you have Earthlink Internet Access and are looking for help, visit the Earthlink Support Center. Using that link you can click to contact Earthlink tech support via online chat or email. It also provides a list of phone numbers for sales, billing support and technical support.

Comments Join Earthlink today and get free setup and your first 6 months of Earthlink internet access for half price! This makes it just $10.97 per month for your first 6 months.

After your first 6 months, unlimited internet access with Earthlink is $21.95 per month. While this is cheaper than America Online it is not a very good bargain compared to other top quality dialup internet service providers like arcZip or mFire, where you can get great Internet access for just $14.95 per month ($84 less per year.)

Earthlink internet service comes with many useful features. You get their Pop-up Blocker Tool, which is useful for eliminating most of those annoying popup ads. They also provide spam fighting tools to help reduce junk email.

With Earthlink you get up to 8 email addresses, so everyone in the family can have their own address. You also get 10 MB of webspace, so you can setup your own web site.

In addition to online help and support info, Earthlink offers live tech support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach them via email, online chat or toll-free telephone.

Use this link to get your first 6 months of Earthlink Internet for half price!

Earthlink also offers two varieties of high speed internet access. You can choose between Earthlink DSL and Earthlink High Speed Cable. Each is up to 50 times faster than dialup internet access, and they both feature many popular Earthlink features. Earthlink often has special offers on these services such as free activation, free equipment, and/or low introductory rates.

How to Cancel Earthlink.