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ISPLowest PriceTop Speeds
Verizon100 mbps for $40/mo940 mbps for $80/mo
Cox30 mbps for $40/mo300 mbps for $80/mo
Earthlink3 to 15 mbps for $50 per mo1 GB for $100 per mo
Spectrum100 mbps for $45/mo940 mbps for $105/mo
Xfinity60 mbps for $40/mo2000 mbps for $300/mo


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ISPLowest PriceTop Speeds
Viasat12 Mbps for $5030 Mbps fo $100
HughesNet25 Mbps for $40/mo (promo)25 Mbps for $150/mo w/50GB

Earthlink 1-833-601-5693

Internet Packages

down (mbps)up (mbps)cost (mbps)
HL 3Mb-15Mb512k-10Mb$49.95
HL 18Mb-30Mb1.5Mb$59.95
HL 40Mb-80Mb5Mb-40Mb$69.95
HL 100-140Mb10Mb-100Mb$79.95
HL 200-500Mb40Mb-200Mb$89.95
HL 1Gb1Gb$99.95 / $249.95*
  • All speeds are dependent on serviceability at physical address—speeds vary by distance.
  • 24/7 Customer support via phone or chat
  • 12 month committment

Available in Boston, Holyoke, & Springfield and areas nearby.

Available in Baltimore, DC, Hagerstown and areas nearby.

Available in and around Auburn, Bangor, Portland, Preque Isle area.

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Cox 1-855-791-4148

Gen5 Service Plans

down (GB)up (GB)cost (GB)

  • 1 year commitment
  • installation & equipment fees not included
  • includes wi-fi hotspots and security.

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Spectrum 1-833-826-1164

Spectrum Internet

down (mbps)up (mbps)cost (mbps)
100 (no data caps)$45
400(Internet Ultra upgrade)$70
940(Internet Gig upgrade)$105

  • *Internet is only $45/month if you are a new customer, and the promotion ends after a year. After that, Internet from Charter Spectrum is $70/month.
  • Cable connection.
  • Free modem
  • Contract free plan

Corporate stores located in Chicopee, Easthampton, Lee, Ludlow, North Adams, Orange, Pittsfield, Southbridge, Webster & Worcester.

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Verizon 833-933-2461


down (mbps)up (mbps)cost (mbps)
100100$40 *
300300$60 **
940880$80 ***
  • *1 Year Price Guarantee
  • **2 Year Price Guarantee
  • ***3 Year Price Guarantee
  • Must use auto pay
  • Equipment fees and taxes
  • Verizon is known for good customer service.

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Xfinity 855-401-5362

Xfinity Internet

down (mbps)up (mbps)cost (mbps)
602 (Performance)$40
2505 (Blast!)$60
40010 (Extreme Pro)$80
100035 (Gigabit)$90
20002K (Gigabit Pro)$300

  • Minimum 1 year agreement required
  • Equipment and installation fees

Service centers in Allston, Braintree, Brockton, Cambridge, Dorchester, East Boston, Fall River, Framingham, Holyoke, Leominster, Lowell, Lynn, Nantucket, New Bedford, Newton, Plymouth, Salem, Somerville, Springfield, Weymouth and other cities.

Service centers by county: Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Franklin, Hampden, Middlesex, Nantucket, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk & Worcester counities

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Viasat Satelitte (855) 242-8953

Metered broadband

down (GB)up (GB)cost (GB)

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HughesNet 833-270-5638

Gen5 Service Plans

down (GB)up (GB)cost (GB)
25310 G data: $60 ($40 promo)
25320 G data: $70
253$30 G data: $100 ($80 promo)
25350 G data: $150 ($120 promo)

  • 2 year commitment
  • lease or purchase equipment
  • includes wi-fi.

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Broadband in Massachusetts
The fifth most connected state in the US boasts an impressive 98 percent broadband coverage, with an average statewide speed of 57.2 Mbps, with only 4 percent underserved. Since 2010, the state has received over six million dollars in federal grants to through the Massachusetts Broadband Institute for the Massachusetts Broadband Initiative, with broadband infrastructure projects receiving close to 80 million over the same period. Monopoly is still a concern, with an estimated 167,000 users having access to a single service provider, with 153,000 people lacking broadband coverage altogether. However this project seeks to close the gap on high speed access for homes and businesses that have been lacking connectivity to cable and fiber networks that will provide the download speeds necessary to participate in the digital economy.